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Wills and Administration of Estates

Nobody can be certain of what the future holds. As such, making a Will is a vital part of ensuring your affairs are in order. If you are concerned that someone you love or who depends on you may need help in the future, then you can make arrangements in your Will to ensure that the help they need, will be there. Often people assume that money and possessions will pass automatically to their partners or children. Sadly this does not always happen without there being a Will. There is also the increased threat of litigation being brought in respect of the estate of someone who has passed away without a Will.


If you need a Will writing service, at Alan Simons & Co we can offer you an expert, sensible and practical approach to help you make the right decisions and to express your wishes in such a way so as to ensure that what you want to happen, will happen.


We can advise you on planning for the future including tax planning and care home fees. We can advise you with regards to the appointment of Guardians should you leave children under 18 years of age. We can also advise you of potential challenges to your Will and guide you on drawing up a Will to protect those that you want to benefit from your money and possessions.


In addition to helping you to write your Will, we understand that the death of a loved one can be a very distressing time. As well as dealing with that loss, legal formalities such as Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration may also be required. Here at Alan Simons & Co we can offer you the expert advice you need to deal with these formalities to help take away the worry that the wishes of your loved one are carried out. We understand the support you may need at such a difficult time and we will do as much as we can to help you.


We offer an extensive experience in dealing with all manner of estates including complex Wills, Inheritance tax, missing beneficiaries and disputes. Our friendly solicitors will put you at ease and will give you clear advice on your particular situation. Whatever the issue, contact us today to arrange an appointment.

It may be necessary at some stage of your life to consider what would happen in the event you were unable to make decisions for yourself or you become physically unable to deal with your own affairs. Powers of Attorney can offer a solution to the vast majority of people to enable their family members, friends or a professional person to look after your affairs without causing too much disruption or delays. In an uncertain world it’s reassuring to know that our wishes will be respected even if we’re not in a position to make our own decisions.


Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) - since 1 October 2007 it has no longer been possible for a person to create an Enduring Power of Attorney. However, if you have made an Enduring Power of Attorney prior to the 1st October 2007, it still remains valid and may be registered at the Office of the Public Guardian.


Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) – these LPAs have replaced Enduring Powers of Attorneys but offer the flexibility of covering your financial affairs together with your health and welfare matters. There are two types of LPA’s, one specifically to deal with property and financial affairs, the second to deal with health and welfare.


At Alan Simons & Co we can help with all aspects of dealing with your Powers of Attorney. We can help you with choosing an attorney and deciding what LPA is right for you to correctly registering the documentation. Call us today to arrange an appointment to discuss how we can help you.

Powers of Attorney

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